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By Belen Mercado |

For me, poetry is not only words that you write in order to pass time. Poetry is the color of the soul and the beauty of our hearts. Writing poetry has become my sanctuary and the place that I can be truly myself. I strongly believe that poetry has become the most therapeutic method that I use in order to express my strong emotions.- Belen Mercado


Lately I am drinking too much wine.

I am trying to remember who I am and who I was.

Trying to understand where I went wrong.

I had too many options to stay strong.

But I was tired of searching and waiting for someone amazing to come


I was lonely in this empty world.

My mind was predictable and perspicacious.

But my heart was easily trapped with fraudulent words that had no


Sometimes I wonder if my love is insanely big for this world.

Other times I admit we live in a cynical world and everyone is lost.

Please don’t point out my mistakes without experiencing the effects of an

emotional rain.

Have you ever wished for something so badly, and when you almost got

it, the opportunity left and you were constantly

asking “por que.”

If my heart could speak, ay Dios mío.

Diría más barbaridades y sin tomar ningún vino.

If I am honest, I don’t even like the taste of wine.

All I want is a full glass of you while I am counting the stars.

There are many realities that I am trying to accept.

But right now I choose to sedate my pain.

I know it won’t always be this way.

My beliefs in life request for me to live in dignity rather than in vices of

vanity and disgrace.


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