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By Christopher Piago |


I remember reading a very interesting story in a Creative Writing workshop. The writer wrote about their experience at the lunch table, using that setting to showcase cultural exchange. I decided to write a similar theme to it, except the process of making the meal. I put this in the perspective of a parent-child dynamic in the kitchen. Growing up, we tend to realize that small things that were told as a child often get forgotten. It's an interesting concept of 'Crisis' in how one's cultural identity can either continue to the next generation or be forgotten.- Christopher Pigao


You cook rice with

the 1st line of

your index finger.

The meat you

cook should be

brown, if you

see red then

make it brown

don’t get sick.

Vegetables are

the most important

part of this

or else you’ll

get sick

or won’t grow up

and develop


Don’t throw out.

Only water;

no soda

no juice

and please

take it easy

with the snacks

because manufacturing

won’t make you


Cook on the stove

hot hot hot hot

lower the fire

so that smoke alarms

don’t hear you.

and create a meal

that you eat

for our days here.

Got that?



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