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"The Spotlight is where we preserve our past, celebrate our present, and encourage our future contributors."

-CSUDH English Graduate Association

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Illegal Fireworks

By Felipe De La Rosa |

Fireworks flew over our roofs that night

A symphony of lights illuminated our paths

A magical moment between the two of us

Long roof top nights; endless rambles

What if they take me?

We settle down tomorrow mi amor

Our fear grew immense like the night sky that surrounded us

The only hope of light were the fireworks

Resembling our love,

Passion raging between the two,

Burning illegally in the open sky

Leaving trails of our hot fiery love

A shriek of lights burst through our dream world

Badges thrown in our faces

My heart sank,

My fear became reality

One more day was needed

Before my life was turned to I.C.E


My future vanished before me

Her ride to Cal interrupted

Future family of four evaporated

Who ever said loving was illegal?


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