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pull the plug

By Mason Martin |

the feedback loop – audio the hair of a leg – animal

two transient, fragile vessels full of untouchable worlds, pulses and static, fraying along, obscuring radio vein, human wire, fleeing from silence, cognizance, sweat – entropy.

another arm pain – the heart this time?

just more swollen armpit. more

disturbance of the nodes. the loop resets, hums against it.

the world inside is an old fiction - a

decay endless and inevitable.

but what do you know? what makes you so eager to touch ghosts?

i see you hold the bell of the speaker like a child, letting it beat your heart for you. i see you toss the crusts of another sandwich. i see you stand in the shower as though water

still carried the myth of infinity, of surplus. i see you let the tub fill, considering the poetry

of the old radio, the old shame, the old trope.

cliché or cowardice; just let the thought

leech into the static – disperse into the universe.

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