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Stretched Hands

By La Kierrea Jenkins |

This poem is about a young lady who is facing some trials and tribulations in her life. Her back is against the wall and she has nobody else to turn to but God. She wants to walk in purpose and no longer live her life in fear. She wants to be guided by God. She stretches her hands to Him, letting Him know that if He directs her path, she'd use it as a testimony of how He turned her life around. I am her, she is me! - La Kierrea Jenkins

Stretched Hands

But that day was different

That day she was tired

That day she listened to the ancestors

When they told her to call God

To go after everything her heart desired

That day she became bold enough to stand against her fears

That day she made no excuses

Patted herself on the back for wiping her own tears

She let go of everything that disturbed her peace

Went searching for the open door that would finally set her free

She was no longer a shadow and wanted to let her light shine

She told the Lord she’d use this day as a testament of His Glory

She’d tell the world how much in shambles her life was in until He changed her story

How she wanted to give up

How she was in a dark place

But because of Him she was saved by His Mercy and Grace


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