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The Ooh is Silent

By Natalie Velazquez |

“The ‘ooh’ is silent, Adam.”

Caty sat on the edge of his futon fidgeting with her fingers trying to delicately choose her words.

They had been together eight months now and it hadn’t been the experience she yearned for.

They grew “comfortable” is how she put it, but the reality of it all was that he was not putting forth a true effort. Not that a relationship should be toilsome, but a certain degree of involvement,consideration, and passion should be present.

The “ooh” of a relationship that she knows should exist; that subdued satisfaction, accrued the moment a woman is utterly wooed. The dignifying elation and natural realization. An essential connection; the driving force behind their relationship.

It just wasn’t there.

“I think we aren’t enough for each other... we both want more; different... I’m supposed to be falling in love...” as these words left her mouth a sharp sting struck her heart. Tears swelled in her eyes at this admission.

The “ooh” hadn’t happened.

Despite all of the intention. Despite all of the affection, it just hadn’t.

She liked him and made a point of expressing her appreciation of him. Yet, no matter how nice, how doting, how loving, funny, and vulnerable she made herself he found reason to scoff, complain, and make comments offensive enough to murder her libido.

“The ‘ooh’ is silent, Adam... do you know what I mean?”

He looked perplexed and hurt all at once. He wasn’t one for poetic style. He didn’t enjoy having to dig deep for meaning.

“The ‘ooh’?”, he asked.

“Yeah, the ‘ooh’, that magical moment. The essence of a relationship. The sustenance. The ‘ooh’. Our similarities are great, but our differences are greater. I want to feel that ‘ooh’.”

He sat still, sadness crept onto his face as he looked at her. He wanted to say he’d be everything she needed, that he’d work on being more affectionate, but all he was able to say to her was “oh...”


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