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Thrive in the World

By Maria De La Torre |

My most favorite leisure activity is writing poems. One of my most special poems is "Thrive in the World." It's full of emotion, passion and determination. Each phrase has a special meaning and can be represented in so many ways. I was inspired by my family and friends. - Maria De La Torre

Thrive in the World

Passion and Sympathy are alike.

Like two worlds underneath each other.

The colors of the rose,

Grow as fast as the road.

Two miles away, are like the feathers in the zone.

A new territory has grown.

No matter the size, it’s as wise as the sky.

You can grow up high.

Like the mountain sky.

Tears and comfort are near.

The thrive begins, as the mountain roars.

Curiosity and Compassion are alike.

The sun can come up alive.

It's the heart that keeps it alive.

Never underestimate two worlds apart.


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