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To Whomever

By Ashley Smith |

I wrote this poem way before Covid reached the monstrosity that it has become. It was something that could have been maintained. Controlled. Ceased. Millions are now suffering, in pain, lost, afraid, and confused. I’ve always been considered the “therapist” friend and I wanted to write something to be of some kind of comfort. Even if it’s just momentarily. I couldn’t just focus on one issue, so I broadened it. It’s not just for him, her, or them. It’s “For Whomever.” - Ashley Smith

To Whomever

I hope that you, dear reader,

are not swayed with fear to the collapsing world around you.

I hope you aren’t collapsing with it.

I hope you are standing on something firm-

something that extends you yet is connected to the empowered

pieces of you.

I hope you find comfort,

even if you happen to find a slither of it in this.

I hope you give your energy to something



that’s capable of giving it back.

I hope you know your beauty

extends any external blemish you feel concerns you.

I hope you love, fully, even to those who’ve hurt you.

It will take time, and it may seem impossible, but one day give it a try.

I hope your tears are provoked from laughter,

laughter that comes back, randomly, in the midst of your silence.

I hope you forgive others to give yourself ease.

I promise you won’t have to ever talk to them again, or if it’s directed

towards yourself-

understand that you both are worth a second



a lifetime

supply of chances.

I hope I’ve encouraged you,

and remember that this is to whomever

so you don’t feel left out.


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