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"The Spotlight is where we preserve our past, celebrate our present, and encourage our future contributors."

-CSUDH English Graduate Association

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Yerba Mate

By Florencia Bravo |

Mama hollows out the grapefruit and the mist of citrus makes me smile;

The scent is strong like summer heat, and I welcome its acidic tang. But the grapefruit is not as popular as the orange or lemon For many, its bitter flavor can be too commanding

Mama shows me how to put the mate into the fruit And she adds a sprinkle of sugar. Not too much, she says. She carefully sticks the metal straw into our makeshift cup,

Her steady hand holds the battered red kettle.

Out pours a steady stream of hot water.

Mama hands the fruit to me; try it, she says. The metal straw is hot between my lips, and I take a small sip.

The drink slightly burns my mouth, But in the earthy tea and sugary fruit, I taste Argentina. I nod and take another sip. This time its cooler. Mama smiles and we go to sit down, enjoying the mate, A small reminder of home and family.

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